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The Danielle Lewis Show is designed with us in mind: the stories we need to tell & the conversations we need to have. It’s meant to be a chat among friends that leaves you informed, inspired and excited to tackle whatever life throws your way.

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Shoot The Pilot

This is the first episode of The Danielle Lewis Show podcast. In episode 1, Dannielle introduces herself and tells listeners what to expect from the show. She also discusses the importance of taking action towards your big goals regardless of what your fears may say.

The Storm Will Wash You Clean

In episode 2, I discuss my divorce and it's affect on my life. I also share how I knew it was time to walk away and and I give advice to people currently struggling with making tough choices. I'm sharing my personal experience how I'm moving forward after so much transition.

2018 Taught Me

It's New Years Eve & I'm chatting about all of the lessons I've learned in 2018. This year has been a weird one but I'm so grateful for all that I've learned. I'm also SUPER ready for what's next. Tune in if you're looking for inspiration, motivation and a quick, fun project to do in preparation for the new year!




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