The Business of Bey

Beyonce inspires me, but not in the way you may think.  Do I love her music? Yes! Is she the best performer I've ever seen in real life? Yup! But, the way she does business is really what gets me. After releasing a secret video, killing a super bowl performance and announcing a world tour in a span of two days, It was finally time to sit down and get into what she does and how she makes it happen. Keep reading to get my take on how Queen Bey keeps killing the game year after year and how we can do the same! 


If you don't post it on social media, did it really even happen? We all overshare but we have to come away from that and really focus on doing the work. Is it exciting to share new products and opportunities? Absolutely! But, you know what's better? Completing something and sharing that finished product with the world.  Beyonce understands that she'll make way more of an impact by dropping a completed project than by telling us all its on the way. Surprises are always more fun. Do the work and share the finished product. 

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Beyonce is not new to this. She's been in the game for years and has worked her way to the top of the charts. So, what does one do when they are at the top of their game? They change it. The same goes for us all. Work hard and learn all you need to know. Perfect your craft. Get really good at what you do. Then, do it another way. You do not have to operate within the existing constraints of any game. You have the ability to change the rules. To do things differently. To do things better. Artists used to do promo for albums weeks before they actually dropped. Then Beyonce dropped a surprise album late one night and changed the game. The music industry took note. Change is good. It's necessary. And most importantly, it's fun! 

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Beyonce released a secret video, killed a super bowl performance and announced a world tour. When you visit her website today, you'll see products that support all of the above. She's not waiting for the public to decide that they need merchandise to support all of her awesomeness. She has it waiting for them because she knows they want it.  She knows her market. She knows her fans. And, she knows she's dropped a song with multiple "Instagram captions and sweatshirt sayings" so she's capitalizing on that. Don't wait for the market to dictate what you provide. Figure out what your market needs before they need it and have it ready and waiting for them. 

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Times change. Industries change. Staying the same is not an option. Bey has evolved because she had no other option. She's true to her core brand but she's a different person then she was at the beginning of her solo career and it shows. She's a different performer. She sings about things that are true to her, in this moment. We must all understand the importance of evolving. People respond to authentic business practices so you should always be true to you. But, you must leave room for growth and change because it's not only necessary, it's mandatory. 

And so ends Business 101 as taught by Professor Beyonce Knowles Carter. Nothing left to do but get in formation and put these business tips into practice ;) Thanks Bey. 

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