Freelance vs Entrepreneur- What's the difference?

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur?  The differences seem subtle at first but, upon closer inspection, are definitely more pronounced.  

Keep reading to check out what the difference is and why it's important for you to know. 

In the last few years, entrepreneurship has become a buzz word. Although the obsession with owning a business is relatively new, the practice of owning and operating a business of your own is old news. These days, we're almost surprised if someone doesn't have a business of their own or a side hustle. Times have changed. Gone are the days of the "comfortable job". And so, everyone is making the choice to create something of their own.


An entrepreneur is someone who provides products or systems that work independently. Entrepreneurs work hard everyday but also have systems in place that allow them to be paid even when they are not present. Most entrepreneurs develop businesses with the idea to sell for profit at a later date. Entrepreneurs use personal funds or funds collected from investors to fund their 'machine.'

Think about the Uber model. Odds are you've never met the entrepreneur behind Uber but you've definitely given him money. He doesn't have to come to your house and take you where you need to go. He's created a system for that. He's in charge of the system, not providing the product.


Freelancers get paid for their work. Instead of products, freelancers sell their services. They show up, do the work and are paid accordingly. The goal of most freelancers is to work, become more experience and increase the number of jobs or projects they work on. A freelancer must be present in order to be paid. 

Let's go back to the Uber example. The guy (or gal) who picks you up is a freelancer. They get contracted by Uber and they take on shifts, etc. As freelancers, they choose when and where they work. And when they show up, they get paid. 

There are certainly similarities but the differences are apparent. Why is this info important? Each role has totally different goals. It's important to understand your end goal so that every choice you make along the way leads you there. Do you want to eventually sell your business? Do you want to eventually charge more for your services? Asking yourself these questions helps you to better understand where you are AND where you're going. 

Where do you fall? Are you an entrepreneur or a freelance professional? Do you sell products or services? Let me know below! 

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